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Two plays deal with three fascinating people--the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, the English philosopher Isaiah Berlin, and the Chinese policeman Chang Apana--and one fictional one, Charlie Chan. My most recent play, Deception, is about fictional people but Oregon's very real racial exclusion laws. Find out about my other works in 'About Me.'


Deception, about a young woman in 1880's Portland who passes as white, won Portland Civic Theatre Guild's 2014 Playwriting Contest and had  a staged reading starring Damaris Webb as Anne in Portland's  2016 Fertile Ground Festival.  Deception is a finalist for the 2017 Oregon Book Awards.

A critic writing in Ambit magazine said that in Deception, "Everyone is beholden to secrets or trying to maneuver
 and that "The play is funny; all of the characters garner laughs from the audience."  You can read the review at

Will the real charlie chan please stand up?

The fictional Charlie Chan and the real-life detective he was modeled after join forces to fight crime in 


Wielding his whip, detective Chang Apana is singlehandedly cleaning up the gambling houses and opium dens of Honolulu’s 1920s Chinatown and Iwilei districts. But when a corrupt racist cop threatens to undo his good works and remove him from the force, Apana is assisted in uncovering crime by a stranger from San Francisco who speaks in Confucian aphorisms, many in mangled English. Playwright Moss entertains with a creative blend of historical theater, crime drama and comedy.

"Everything clicks in this play-a highly entertaining evening of theater."  John Wythe White, Hitting the Stage



Watch the trailer: 

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1945 Leningrad: a visiting British philosopher telephones the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and asks if he can visit her.  Ignoring the danger, she says yes.  At 55, she is a beautiful woman with many love affairs behind her; Stalin has not allowed her to publish poetry for over twenty years.  Isaiah Berlin, who grew up in then SaintPetersburg, is 36 and a virgin.  The two talk literature, eat potatoes—and fall in love.  Berlin returns to England and safety; Stalin punishes Akhmatova by imprisoning her son.  The play imagines the evening where a woman  reveals the horrors of Stalin’s Russia and the power of love to a repressed intellectual.  'The Meeting between 
 these two figures has achieved iconic status in modern literary 
history," according to Henry Hardy, Isaiah Berlin's editor and one 
of his Literary Trustees. Berlin's web site is 

"A wonderful piece of historical fiction, Anna: Love in the Cold War gives every spectator something to admire." ~ Review Fix.

"Anna: Love in the Cold War is a solid and important play." ~ New York Cool


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Eduardo faces a female judge on a DUI while ICE agents wait in the hallway.

Safe Conduct

Marie's dad is Afghanistan, and her uncle is pressuring her mom to sell their house. Marie decides to act. A children's play with music.



Eduardo faces a female judge while ICE agents wait in the hallway.

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